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New Stickles Storage - Glitter Glue Organizer®


Scrapbook Corner® is proud to announce it's Newest and most Original Crafting Organizer of the Year!

 The Glitter Glue Organizer®

Now see all those beautiful Stickles Glitter Colors more clearly !

Organization the Way it Should Be!©

This New Stickles Storage Glitter Glue Organizer will hold 48 Stickles Bottles Upright or Inverted!

This Exclusive Design by Scrapbook Corner® "patent pending" will allow the discerning crafter to keep track of their opened and unopened Stickles. While conveniently storeing up to 48 different colors in a rugged Artbin Super Satchel®. Easy to transport with sturdy handle for use on the go or at home. Glitter Glue Bottles will not fall out during transport.

Box Size:14 inches wide X 14.5 deep and 3.5 inches high and a Double Locking Lid

Additional Details:

Storing Glitter Glue Bottle upside down keeps the applicator tube Clear of obstruction and prevents glue from drying in applicator tube. This allows any air bubble in the bottle to rise to the inverted position  preventing drying or clogging. Our Glitter Glue Organizer with its Patent Pending design will guaranty to make your glue last longer and remain fresher longer. Our unique design that clicks the Glitter Glue Bottle into to the tray when inverted will prevent glue bottle from falling out of tray when turned upside down in its carrying case. This means no matter how you transport your case to your next Crop your product arrives safely.


Stickles Caddy Organizer

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